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Beautiful Illusions

Beautiful Illusions is a 20-episode mystery thriller set in contemporary Singapore. Produced by MediaCorp in 2004 and aired in 2005, it stars Fann Wong in two diverse roles - a quiet and nondescript cartoon illustrator with a quirky sense of style , and a stylish, vampy air stewardess who lives the high life on her motorbike .


A young Yixin watches her father get stabbed to death in a park by a teen delinquent Jiansheng who is later sentenced to 17 years in jail. Psychologically scarred by the memory of her father's death, Yixin grows up bitter and vengeful, even though she appears docile and sweet outwardly. When Jiansheng is released, she discovers that he is in fact the son of a wealthy family, and embarks on a mission to sow discord between him and his newfound relatives.

Production notes

* Fann Wong was nominated for Best Actress at the Singapore Star Awards 2005 for this role.
* Fann Wong performed the theme song of this serial, which was also nominated for Best Theme Song at the Singapore Star Awards 2005.
* This serial was nominated for Best Serial in the same awards ceremony.


* Fann Wong - Wang Yixin, Joeann
* Thomas Ong - Zhou Jiansheng
* Qi Yuwu - Zhou Jianwei
* Yvonne Lim - Lu Xiaofen
* Lin Liyun - Esther Wong
* MC King - Bai Cai

Beautiful Connection

Beautiful Connection is a Singaporean Chinese drama serial. It was telecast in 2002. The show earned many nominations for the Star Awards including Best Actor, Best Actress, Best Supporting Actress, Best TV Drama, Best Theme Song, Best Director and many more.

This drama repeated in Year 2007, on MediaCorp TV Channel 8, Mondays and Tuesdays, 10.30pm to 12.30am.


Main Cast

* Zhu Mi Mi as Lin Yu Zhen aka Fatty Zhen
* Huang Biren as Fan Ke Lian
* Aileen Tan as Fan Ke Li
* Jeanette Aw as Fan Ke Ke
* Xie Shaoguang as Lion King

Supporting Cast

* Huang Shi Nan as Jiang Xue Liang
* Qi Yuwu as Zheng Rui Sheng
* Allan Wu as Du Zheng Yu
* Henry Thia as Liu Ya Xi
* Tan Kheng Hua as Mo Lan Ying
* Bukoh Mary as Lin Xiang Xiang
* Zhang Yao Dong as Sam
* Lin Yong Kun as Kopi-O
* Ding Sen Yan as Jason
* Chen Ming Pei as Lan-jie


Beautiful Connection begins with the lives of three daughters from a single-parent family, headed by a domineering and unreasonable mother, Fatty Zhen . The three daughters have characters that are very different as a result of their mother's upbringing.

Spoilt by Fatty Zhen, the youngest daughter, Ke Ke , is well-educated but arrogant. On the other hand, Ke Lian and Ke Li's happiness have been short-changed to create more opportunities for their youngest sister.

Despite this, both Ke Lian and Ke Li are able to adapt better to society, unlike Fatty Zhen and Ke Ke, whose attitude puts people off. Ke Lian eventually finds true love with Lion King , while Ke Li finds happiness in her own family and career. It is only in the face of an economic crisis and a stroke that Fatty Zhen had, did the arrogant Fatty Zhen and Ke Ke realise and learn about humility and the importance of maintaining good human relationships.

While Beautiful Connection reflects on the harsh realities and pressures of working life, it also shows that there will always be hope and warmth even during a depressing time such as an economic crisis.


This drama serial had received many awards and nominations in the Star Awards 2002.
*Xie Shao Guang was nominated Best Actor.
*Aileen Tan and Huang Biren were nominated for Best Actress, of which Huang Biren won the award.
*Tan Kheng Hua was nominated Best Supporting Actress.
*The show was awarded Best Drama Serial of the Year.
*The show has the highest viewership rate for Year 2002.
*Jeanette Aw won Best Newcomer.
*The theme song of the drama was nominated for Best Theme Song.


Beach.Ball.Babes is a Singaporean idol drama mainly showcasing the main leads playing beach volleyball. It was telecast on Singapore's free-to-air channel, MediaCorp TV Channel 8. It made its debut on 7 July 2008 and ended its broadcast on 1 August 2008. The serial consists of 20 episodes and is aired on every weekday night 2100 hours.


Main Cast

* Christopher Lee as Ma Tian Wu
* Jesseca Liu as Cai Yan Fang
* Joanne Peh as Liu Xuan / Liu Feng Rainie
* Dawn Yeoh as Wang Si Xing
* Cui Peng as Yan Fei Peng

Supporting Cast

* Pan Ling Ling
* Jade Seah
* Richard Loh
* Jerry Yeo
* Wang Yu Yun


A shining star in the court of volleyball, Cai Yanfang is unfortunately self-centred and critical. She falls out with her teammates and dragged her best friend Rainie along to switch to beach volleyball.

All is not smooth-sailing as Rainie is immensely jealous of Yanfang's talent, and they eventually break up over Ma Tianwu , a beach bar owner. Rainie forms a new team to compete, while Yanfang discovers a hidden talent in Sixing , a nerdy Maths student.

But Yanfang's selfishness and critical nature surface and it threatens to break the partnership. Sixing also gets distracted with the good-looking Tianwu. On the eve of a major competition, a madly jealous Rainie sends thugs to beat Sixing up, but Yanfang gets injured while trying to save the latter. An injured Yanfang is determined to compete, but her injury worsens at the crucial moment, will this be the end of her championship dreams?

Viewership Rating and Reception

This drama has managed to achieve considerably high viewership ratings.


* Some audience felt that Christopher Lee was too old to play this role, which requires him to star opposite young female actresses Dawn Yeoh and Joanne Peh.

Baby Blues (Singapore TV series)

Baby Blues is a Chinese drama produced in Singapore and broadcast in 2005. The show stars Hong Kong veteran actress Zhu Mimi, Xie Shaoguang, Chen Liping, Michelle Chong, Chen Hanwei, Allan Wu and Jin Yinji. This show was the last drama serial that Xie Shaoguang acted in before he left MediaCorp.


The show's theme song was nominated for the ''Best Theme Song'' award in Star Awards 2005.

Are You My Brother?

Are You My Brother? was a Singaporean Chinese drama produced by MediaCorp in 1999.

Main Cast

*Tay Ping Hui
*Huang Biren
*Thomas Ong
*Jacelyn Tay

The Theme song was sang by Power station

Angel's Dream

Angel's Dream is a drama aired on in 2000. The show is all about a murder case. The show stars , Terence Cao, Huang Biren and Apple Hong. It was the Best Drama serial of the year and Ivy Lee won the Best Actress of the year in the Star Awards 2000.

An Ode To Life

An Ode To Life is a 40-episode blockbuster Chinese drama aired in Singapore. It was telecast in 2004. The show is set in the 1970s and goes in history all the way to the modern days of 2000s. The drama had the highest viewership rate in Year 2004, defeating other popular dramas such as Spice Siblings.

The show stars Terence Cao, Huang Biren, May Phua, Alan Tern, Yang Libing, Yang Lina, Richard Low, Joey Swee and Zhang Yao Dong.


*Huang Biren was nominated Best Actress in Star Awards 2004
*May Phua was nominated Best Supporting Actress in Star Awards 2004
*The drama was nominated Best Drama Serial in Star Awards 2004